January Declutter Series

Kick off the new year with a 7-day series on building healthy habits and making vegan meals!

Join me for a 7-day declutter – for your kitchen and your mindset – to build healthy vegan habits for the rest of the year.

Here’s what we’ll work through together:

  • Step 1: Declutter Checklist: Bring in the healthful stuff, and clear out your kitchen & your mindset from the things that aren’t serving you.
  • Step 2: Focus on Nutrient Density: Top 10 list of foods that nourish your body in many wild and wonderful ways
  • Step 3: Cravings Pattern Interrupt: Understand WHY the foods you know you shouldn’t eat are setting you up into a negative cycle – so that you can CHOOSE to break out of it
  • Step 4: Food/Mood Journal: Build connections between what you eat and how you feel, so that the healthy choices get easier, and the cravings have less power
  • Step 5: Get your morning off to an energized start with a bit of activity, meditation, or healthful routine
  • Step 6: Make something supremely delicious! Roasted veggie bowl with dipping sauce OR veggie burgers – you get to vote!
  • Step 7: Find your BIG WHY – your motivation for what you want out of life, that will carry you through the long term and any challenges along the way


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