Step 7: Find your WHY

Step 7: Find your WHY
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

We’ve covered a lot so far! Now we come to the hard question… how do we stick with our intentions, day after day, when things get challenging?

Cravings, tough questions from family members or random people you meet, or when we just don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal for ourselves…

Because relying only on willpower isn’t the best way. We have a maximum of 2-3 willpower choices per day. That won’t get us too far.

The most powerful way to create more tangible motivation for healthy eating is by tapping into your BIG WHY.

What is your reason for wanting to be healthier? To eat more plants? To lose weight? To be vegan? Whatever your practical goal, what’s the motivation behind it? That’s where your power comes from, and can help you stick with this in the long term.

Watch the video to learn a bit more about what my motivation is, where my BIG WHY comes from.

Make a visual.

One of the best ways to dial in to your motivation is to write it down. The act of writing it cements it in your brain. And then putting it up somewhere that you’ll see it keeps it front and center as you go through your daily routine.

Make a chickpea salad sandwich.

It’s a perfect combo of nutrient density, amazing flavors and even my BIG WHY of saving the planet. By replacing tuna + mayo with chickpeas + avo-mayo, we reduce the environmental impact by a huge amount. (More on that in the video…)

It’s a perfect lunch to take to work, along with an apple. It’s great in lettuce wraps if you want to keep it light and crunchy.

If you make some, share a pic on instagram and tag me @heathernicholds!

Get the recipe
Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Avo-Mayo

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with down below! My goal is to make this whole healthy vegan thing as ridiculously easy as possible for you.

If your struggle is with meal planning, join me on Tuesday for a live video session on vegan meal planning! I’ll cover my top tips for nutrition balance and practical stuff (like how to use leftovers and how to batch cook without making it boring) – and answer your questions!

Just head to my youtube channel on Tuesday at 5pm Eastern.

If you can’t make it live, just leave your question below, and I’ll make sure to cover it.


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