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Welcome to veganook,

We help vegans (or veg-curious) nourish their bodies through easy, wholesome, and delicious plant-based meals. We use foods you can find in regular stores, to make dishes that don’t take forever.


All the nutrients, none of the crap. Wholesome nutrient-dense meals for you and your family.


The single most powerful choice we can make for our planet, for the animals, and for our own health.


It needs to taste amazing if you’re going to actually eat it. We can make “health food” so good, you’ll get addicted to it.


No stressing about “perfection” – cause if you’re not happy, there’s no point being healthy. Balance for your plate and your sanity.


I’m Heather.

A holistic nutritionist, runner, environmentalist, figure skater, and mango aficionado dedicated to helping you get all the nutrients and energy you need from plant foods.

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Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Ready to go vegan, but not sure how to do it? I can help.

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