The Mindful Vegan Book Review + Giveaway

The Mindful Vegan Book Review + Giveaway
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.
Mindful Vegan book review

A new book by Lani Muelrath, The Mindful Vegan, will guide you through 30 days of starting to build a mindfulness meditation practice.

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  1. Soufian 7 years ago

    When shit gets real in my life, meditation comes through every time. I always fight it but it seems to work.

    • Author
      Heather Nicholds 7 years ago

      love it. you’re inspiring me 🙂

  2. Karen 7 years ago

    Heather I would appreciate the give away because I realize I need to do more meditating. This will also really help me on my journey and keep me on track with my veganism. Thank you for offering this book.

    • Author
      Heather Nicholds 7 years ago

      amazing, yeah that’s the exact purpose of this book!!! it gives motivation for both, in such beautiful synchronicity… thanks for sharing, good luck!

  3. Sean Richards 7 years ago

    Meditating is very healthy for the mind I don’t do it enough but would like to. It calms me down and less me to focus better on what life has given me versus just focusing on all the challenges.

    • Author
      Heather Nicholds 7 years ago

      yeah, very cool, shifting the focus to gratitude is so powerful!

  4. Sophia 7 years ago

    As I think we have already discussed Heather, I use Jack Kornfield as a source for medidation and bought a series of CDs. I feel that you can’t truly practice meditation in all faith if you feed your body with other creatures, so this new proposal combining veganism and meditation is indeed “a good fit”. Leaving two of this quotes on meditation below:

    “With mindfulness, we are learning to observe in a new way, with balance and a powerful disidentification.”

    “There are many good forms of meditation practice. A good meditation practice is any one that develops awareness or mindfulness of our body and our sense, of our mind and heart.”

    • Author
      Heather Nicholds 7 years ago

      agree 1001%! thanks for adding to the discussion

  5. Steph 7 years ago

    Never tried to meditate yet. This book could help me to start!

    • Author
      Heather Nicholds 7 years ago

      yes!! perfect 😀

  6. ot 7 years ago

    Good topic for a helpful book.

  7. Christine Lee 7 years ago

    I do practice meditation. I don’t do it as often as I would like to but I try as much as I can. It definitely has improved my life. I feel more at ease and ready to take on the day when I do.

  8. Judy 7 years ago

    I would L O V E to win the mindful vegan as I am on my way to being completely vegan and want to do as much as possible to relieve stress, and include great nutrition and movement into my everyday life. This book sounds like a great addition to this lifestyle. Thanks!

  9. Pam De Pauw 7 years ago

    I would love to read this book, and become more meat free, and begin meditation, as the past two years have been full of stress. I contacted you when my Granddaughter tried to become vegan in an effort to improve her health.
    She has still no diagnosis, and has a feeding tube in her abdomen. She can eat next to nothing by mouth. My daughter, her mother, had to have a mastectomy last April, so all in all, a stressful two years.
    Is the book available in most bookstores?
    20 Rosenfeld, Kanata

  10. Kimmy Ripley 7 years ago

    I have anxiety/panic disorder and when I feel an attack coming on I try to calm myself down with meditation.

  11. Michelle O. 7 years ago

    I have recently started meditating with intention (after I realized that there’s no one correct way to do it). Although it’s only 10 minutes a day, I find have more clarity of thought and the “answer ” comes to me easier than before. I also find that I’m being more mindful in my every day living.

  12. Dee Johnson 7 years ago

    I definitely helps me breathe better and reduces my anxiety.

  13. Ruthy 7 years ago

    I’m so glad to hear about meditation, I love meditating on God our creator the creator of the universe, the one that created heaven in 7 days, the one that created man in he’s own image, created the plants and the animals that’s our God thru Jesus Christ the one that died for us, God bless ❤️

    • Judi 7 years ago

      Thank you for bringing God into this, Ruthy. Prayer is the best “meditation” for me, and it is often left out as a choice or suggestion which achieves at LEAST all of the benefits of meditation as encouraged and described by Lani and Heather. God bless you all💗💕💗

      • Ruthy 7 years ago

        Thanks I agree that’s the creator of the universe and I don’t care meditating on nothing else but him.

  14. Ro 7 years ago

    I really want to start a daily practice of meditation and become more mindful and would love to have this book to get me started. I listened to Lani Muelrath’s excellent interview on NPR. I’ve been vegan for over 7 years and there is no other way I would choose to live.

  15. Terri 7 years ago

    I don’t meditate but I would like to. I have tried many times in the past but I get frustrated when I am unable to clear my mind……

  16. Wendy Salgado 7 years ago

    I suffer from depression, agorophobia, and ptsd that stems from a traumatic brain injury. My thoughts can get very chaotic and it becomes very frustrating. I know that learning more about meditation and practicing it can help me achieve my goal of being calm, relaxed, and having good mental and physical health.

  17. Maura Smyth 7 years ago

    I’m so excited to see there’s a book that addresses mindfulness meditation from a vegan perspective. I’ve just begun meditation this fall, and am amazed at the power of this simple practice to affect everything else in my life.

    P.S. Heather, I haven’t been able to figure out how to change my email address without dropping off your list, so if you read this, would you please post a link to a page where I can do that? Thanks! 😊

  18. Robyn 7 years ago

    I suffer from anxiety and I think meditation might help me deal with it. I would love to read the book.

  19. Kelly M 7 years ago

    I do, and it’s phenomenal! I am a therapist and recommend it to all my clients for self regulation, anxiety management, sleep induction, and so much more

  20. Courtney Smith 7 years ago

    Meditation is amazing! I used to practice often, at the beginning of my journey especially! It wasn’t just beneficial to me but my mood radiated to others and made for a more peaceful day 🙂 Like all though life happened and meditation was thrown to the back burner :(…I know I need to focus on putting it back into my routine because a happy wife, a happy life, right 😉

  21. Jennifer Hawkins 7 years ago

    Meditation has been consistently inconsistent throughout my life. I strive to make it part of a daily routine. I took a mindfulness meditation course last year and it was amazing. I am also very passionate about veganism, so seeing this book got me really excited! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. So much love!

  22. Tracy 7 years ago

    I do meditate daily, but I don’t really notice much benefit, I feel that maybe I am doing it wrong. I keep doing it hoping to start noticing a benefit.

  23. Angie 7 years ago

    Although I could really use meditation in my life right now I struggle to find a chance to practice. Such is life at home with a busy toddler!! When I am able to do it, especially first thing in the morning, I feel centered and grounded and more calm through my day.

  24. Felicia Campos 7 years ago

    Hi, Heather!
    I’m so excited about this giveaway – actually more thrilled with the link between veganism and awareness, which I think go hand in hand. Actually I started meditating when I became vegan, it all came into my life as an awareness process, changing the lenses, changing the focus… so amazing there is a book making this (apparently obvious but not until you’ve realised it) bond between the two topics. All the best from Brazil ♡

    • Lani Muelrath 7 years ago

      Felicia, THANK you! You say ” I’m so excited about this giveaway – actually more thrilled with the link between veganism and awareness, which I think go hand in hand/” Exactly! For years I have seen books about mindful eating but not a one of them, to my knowledge, connecting mindfulness with eating in this most fundamental way – what or who is on our plate, how it affects them and our planet, our health, so much! I hope you pick up (or win!) a copy of The Mindful Vegan and share your thoughts with me!

      Hugs, Lani

  25. Lani Muelrath 7 years ago

    Heather, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway – and for making such a beautiful video about The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness !

    You touch on so many important elements of this project, and wonderfully convey the love, caring, compassion, and practicality that are hallmarks of this book.

    Thank you to everyone for your lovely and wonderful comments – I wish every one could win a copy! MIndfulness has been linchpin for me in living with such greater ease in navigating life’s challenges – and even more so those that we encounter living as vegans, with conscious eating front and center.

    I see that some of viewed the NPR interview from last week – I am so glad you like it, and I think the interviewer did a wonderful job! If you didn’t catch it, it is still available as replay. I downloaded the original interview, edited out the station breaks and announcements, and put it up as audio on my You Tube channel. You will find the replay here:

    I am touched by your caring comments and Heather’s heartfelt support. thanks to all!


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