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February Love Calendar

Keep the healthy vegan vibes going beyond New Years – grab February’s vegan meal plan calendar with one delicious plant-based meal to try each day.

As we deal with lingering cold temperatures and germs floating around, it’s all the more important to nourish ourselves with immune-boosting whole plant foods.

And of course, with Valentine’s Day the lovey dovey vibes are also floating around. Regardless of your relationship status or plans, it’s always a good idea to love yourself first – and feeding yourself healthy vegan meals (and treats!) is a great way to do that. To offset the candy surplus, we’ll have a whole week of (healthy vegan) chocolate around the 14th. Not that love requires chocolate, but I certainly love chocolate…

If you feel inspired, try inviting a friend or loved one to join us for the month. It’s always more fun to do things together.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download, print, or save the vegan meal plan calendar to your phone/tablet.

Download the Calendar

2. Watch the YouTube playlist below, where I’ll show you how to make each recipe from the plan. You’ll find the recipes in the video description.

Watch the Recipes

3. Check off each day as you go while you follow along with the playlist!

There are a few recipes on the calendar for members (the ones with an *), but you’ll see some close alternatives on those days for those who aren’t members yet.

Members of the meal plan club get all the recipes in a PDF bundle, with weekly grocery lists and meal prep guides. You can add the whole month to your planner, where you can see the nutrition info, swap meals around to suit you better, and pull in other healthy meals from the recipe database to complete your day.

If you’re already a member, get your February pack here: Member’s program.

If you want to join, you can learn more here:

Join the Meal Plan Club

meal plan club

Get all the right nutrients. Get all the energy you need.

Take the hassle out of “what am I going to eat?” and “what groceries do I need?”
Everything you need to hit the ground running.

  • Complete weekly meal plans: recipes for every meal and snack so you’re never left wondering what to make at any given point.
  • Complete grocery lists: so you know exactly what you need to get at the store for each weekly plan.
  • Prep guide: to outline exactly what to prepare day-by-day, so you never feel unorganized or overwhelmed.
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