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Sorry, this program is closed for renovations! Check back in 2018 for new stuff.

Do you want to create healthy, delicious vegan meals that rock?

I know what you are thinking: Yes, but…

1. Doesn’t it take a lot of time to figure out how to make healthy meals?

2. And then I have to make them taste good

3. Plus, I have to figure out how to do that easily on a daily basis without spending all of my precious free time in the kitchen?

Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!


I’ve been sharing my recipes and tips on my site and YouTube for over 3 years.

Now, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and into my kitchen!

You better believe I have got even more secret tips, tricks, and shortcuts for healthy cooking that don’t show up in my public recipes and articles.

But hang on, how do I know what I’m talking about? Well…

I’ve tried out so many recipes, discovering what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve taken cooking classes, to uncover the process behind cooking techniques.

I’ve become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, to understand how to get a nutritionally-balanced vegan diet.

Now, it’s your opportunity to become a confident cook!

Here’s a taster of what this course has to offer:


What’s Covered:

  • We’ll look at how to cook dried beans.
  • Canned versus dried beans.
  • How to make an awesome veggie burgers with lots of flavor and the right texture for putting on a bun with all the fixings.

Recipes Included:

  • Baked Falafel Burgers
  • Spiced Lentil Burgers
  • Spicy Black Bean Burgers

What’s Covered:

  • Pizza is a great way to enjoy a big mound of veggies, and there are some easy tricks to making a super delicious cheese-less pizza.
  • We’ll cover cooking methods for vegetables and nutrition effects of those different methods.

Recipes Included:

  • Pesto Pizza
  • Mediterranean Hummus Pizza
  • Marinara Pizza

What’s Covered:

  • We’ll go through how to cook whole grains (including quinoa).
  • Some tips on how to make that process faster and more efficient.
  • And how to put together a good breakfast that gives you lasting energy.

Recipes Included:

  • Apple Pie Oatmeal
  • Quinoa Gingerbread Pudding
  • Banana Bread Rice Pudding

What’s Covered:

  • A good soup is based on a few important ingredients, spices and steps.
  • You’ll learn how to improvise based on what’s in your fridge and come out with a delicious comforting meal, plus some time-saving tips.

Recipes Included:

  • Sweet Potato Quinoa Chili
  • Creamy Squash Soup
  • Curried Chickpea Soup

What’s Covered:

  • We’ll look at nutrition in raw foods.
  • How to grow sprouts.
  • And how to make raw food more interesting. Cause let’s be honest – there’s only so many times in a row I can eat plain raw veggies.

Recipes Included:

  • Jicama With Avocado-Mint Sauce
  • Raspberry Ice Cream
  • Asian Peanut Sauce on Massaged Kale

What’s Covered:

  • We’ll talk about how to make healthy treats with minimal amounts of oil and sugar.
  • Figure out how to use whole grain flours.
  • And discuss which sweeteners are best for you.

Recipes Include:

  • Banana Walnut Muffins
  • Chocolate Brownie Cookies
  • Apple Cranberry Crumble
  • Date Squares

What’s Covered:

  • We’ll look at how to make a salad – which most people think of as a boring side dish – into a filling and energizing meal.
  • And how to make tasty dressing bases that can be used with all kinds of different flavors.

Recipes Included:

  • Quinoa Salad with Avocado-Dill Dressing
  • Black Bean Salad with Lime-Sunflower Dressing
  • Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Black Bean Dressing

What’s Covered:

  • Discover how to make your own sauces from scratch – instead of from a jar – with healthy whole plant foods.
  • And how to make them thick, rich and full of flavor.

Recipes Include:

  • Fresh Basil Pesto
  • Homemade Tomato Sauce
  • Mushroom Gravy
  • Fresh Parsley Hummus

What veganooking classes include:

Cooking Class Videos

Full-length videos (3 each month).

So you can see all this cooking magic in action!

Cooking Techniques

Quick videos on cooking techniques, with new ones being added.

Ever heard of sprouting? Well, let me enlighten you… 😉

Group for Questions and Support

Ask questions and
get support from people like you
(we’re all crazy in the same way)

Unlimited Access + Downloads

Start whenever works for you
videos + recipes are yours to download
and keep forever (for-evah…)

Sound good so far?

Well, there’s more…

Here’s how the magic works:

Dynamic Portions: Get the right amount of fuel for YOUR energy needs

Input your height, weight, age, gender, activity level and weight goals (whether you want to lose, gain or maintain), and the amounts in all of the recipes and the grocery list will change to match.

Cook for others by inputting information for everyone else you cook for, and the recipes and grocery lists will adjust to include them as well.

Vegan + Dietary Restriction Options

This plan is fully vegan, so it’s free of all meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.

Check a box, and the recipes will shift to nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free and/or athletic.

Designed by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

This is not just a bunch of recipes thrown together like the cheap and free plans you can find elsewhere. This is a nutritionally balanced plan put together by a nutritionist, with a focus on making it easy to make healthy meals and eliminating wasted food in your fridge or cupboard.

The level of planning, motivation and nutrition information you get is huge! You’ll get a full nutritional breakdown of every food, meal, smoothie and snack for the week

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today with all your cooking resources in one place!

Member Success Stories:

“I have been a vegetarian for two years but still learned new things and techniques last night so thank you! I had prepped some of the food so I finished last night after the class up to the point of baking and we will have them tonight for dinner! My husband and I tried them and they are delicious!!! The best veggie burger I have had and especially the best I have made!! It is not dry!!!! I can’t wait for tonight’s dinner nor till Thursday’s and all of our upcoming classes. And I must say the ice cream was soooo delicious!!!!! Even better than the chemical ladder store bought stuff. Even my husband liked it and he is an ice cream fanatic! Thank you so much!”

“The videos were fun, as well as full of valuable information and great energy. My kids even enjoyed watching them with me quite often. The recipes are good and the class outlines are a fantastic resource!!! And I really enjoyed the ability to ask questions and get great responses.”
-Cindy, Alabama

“Heather, thank you!!! I learned new techniques each week, even when I thought I was familiar with ingredients. Everything was broken down and easy to follow. Thanks again!”
-Catherine, Virginia

“Let me tell you I am learning so much from these classes. I listen and make notes and usually the next day I make the meal. They have all turned out very delicious and will become a part of our weekly meal plan. So far I am sticking to your recipes before I experiment with ingredients. Well the first set of cooking classes are over and I thought they were just great. I learnt a lot and realised where I was making some mistakes. Also I want to share a recent observation. Once a week I put out on the curbside the recycling box. This week I looked in the box and there was one can. Yes after a week only one can. It was an empty can of the chick peas I had bought to make hummus. I am fortunate to have a garden and make my own compost so even the vegetable trimmings get used. So this is quite a revelation,the benefits of cooking healthy food goes far beyond the meals. Can’t beat that. Looking forward to the next series.”

“The classes were wonderful. I really enjoyed learning right from my own kitchen. I usually watched and took notes then sometime that week (usually the next day) I made it for my family. I really enjoyed the classes and the recipes look great. I was so impressed how you were able to go from talking… to a question… and back to the topic you left off with. I really felt like you covered it all and gave all of our questions the needed attention and still picked up where you left off. It felt like you did not miss a beat. I am so glad you are enjoying doing the classes. It looks like you are having so much fun and I hope to join you again soon.”
-Colleen, New York

“Thank you so much for offering the classes! I was sad to see them end because I’ve enjoyed them so much! It was a real treat to be taught a “mindset”. I wanted to share a success story with you- One day, I decided to make the black bean burgers we made in class, but when I went to my grocery store, I discovered that they didn’t sell any canned beans without salt (and I couldn’t find some other stuff I needed), and I didn’t have enough time left in the day to make my own from dried beans…I almost despaired, but then remembered the pizza night we’d had the previous week, and after quickly thinking through what I had in my pantry at home, I decided, on the spot, to instead make a Mexican-style pizza that would be based on ingredients I already had on hand…I felt like an artist picking his paints as I looked at the various vegetables in the store that could top my pizza creation 🙂 it not only ended up being absolutely delicious, but was satisfying on a whole new level because I was eating something that I created using your methods, as opposed to being enslaved to a recipe. It was empowering and I don’t view cooking the same way anymore. Creating in the kitchen makes me happier than following recipes. :)”
-Dan, Texas

“I thought you had organized the presentation well because you made it all work in the allotted time, and that is not so easy to do. I appreciate your attention to details and especially to your instincts for being able to anticipate questions people might have before they have them! Thanks for doing the section on sprouting last night. It was nice to see a sprouting container that works so well, so I will order one when I can get the seeds. Thanks so much for all your hard work putting together the videos, recipes, and classes. I am getting so many good ideas from you. Thanks so much!”
-Ayn, North Carolina

Amazing Value Promised
Putting a price on knowledge is difficult.
But at only $21.75 per month,  this course costs less than a daily cup of tea or coffee in a cafe!

Who Should Join?

✓ New cooks who want to learn how to make meals at home rather than buying take-out

✓ Experienced cooks who want to learn healthy vegan cooking techniques

✓ Health-oriented people who want to learn to cook with whole foods

✓ People with dietary restrictions or who just want to reduce oil, gluten, and sugar

✓ Vegans and vegetarians who want to cook healthier meals

✓ Meat eaters who want to incorporate more plant-based meals or cook for a vegan/vegetarian spouse, friend or loved one

What you’ll learn:

✓ How to make healthy meals

✓ How to make vegan meals

✓ How to make tasty meals

✓ How to make simple daily meals

✓ How to cook with whole foods

✓ How to have confidence in the kitchen

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Guaranteed to help you get healthy, or your money back.


I put together the recipes with the goal of pleasing someone who isn’t used to eating healthy plant foods. I tried to make the meals as simple – but as tasty – as possible, using ingredients and flavors that most people are familiar with. I can’t guarantee that the recipes will please everyone’s tastebuds, but hopefully most. If there are any ingredients that you just don’t like, or can’t eat, I’m happy to help you find a substitution.

Well, ‘weird’ is a bit subjective, but I keep the ingredient list for my plans as simple as possible, using vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, and seasonings that you should be able to find at any major supermarket. There are a few things that might be tricky to find (like coconut oil, quinoa, nutritional yeast) but the good news is that those things are now really easy to find and order online. If you really can’t get hold of something, or it’s too expensive where you are (avocados where I am right now are $3 each!!!), just let me know and I’ll help you figure out an alternative.

I generally try to keep meals to 30-45 minutes cooking time. I also try to keep meals to one or two pots so that dish cleaning time is minimized as well.

If you have days when you just have absolutely no time to make a meal, I share my secret shortcuts.

Who created veganooking classes


“You know what? I hate planning meals. I hate thinking too much about food, I just want to enjoy it. That’s why I spent time on education to become a nutritionist, to know how to get all the nutrients I need to be healthy.

And I hate meals that taste bland and boring. That’s why I spent years cooking meal after meal, and in cooking courses, to know how to make healthy foods taste amazing.

Now I know how to make healthy meals easily on a regular basis, without taking much time out of my day, and getting a variety of foods and amazing flavors.

Now that I’m in the habit, I find it saves me time and effort, plus I don’t waste any of the beautiful foods that used to wind up rotting at the back of the fridge.

It’s easier than I could have imagined eating super healthy food all the time and it makes me feel better than I thought possible!

These veganook cooking classes are the culmination of all my education, trial and error, disasters, and successes. I want to make this effortless for you, without having to go through all that.”

Heather Nicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Not sure about this program, and whether it’s right for you? Let’s talk!
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5% to Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary. They work to end cruel factory farming practices through investigations, public education, legislation, and litigation. John Stewart and his wife recently aligned their mission with Farm Sanctuary, which adds a definite cool factor.
I donate 5% of your cooking course fee to Farm Sanctuary.

OK… are you ready to

✓ boost your energy levels?

get all the nutrients your body needs?

 ✓ drop those stubborn extra pounds?

stop wasting food that rots in the back of the fridge?

make delicious meals that you actually enjoy?

If any one (or all) of those were answered with a “OMG YES!”
… you know it’s time. Let’s do this.

Or if you answered with a “yeah, kinda… I guess…” then read more of the details until you’re excited:

Here’s the deal…

You’ll see exactly how to get all the nutrients you need – even protein and iron – by eating a variety of healthy, whole plant foods.

Even the USDA knows that’s possible: “Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendations for nutrients.

The program will give you tasty, whole plant foods, and meals that are simple to put together on a daily basis.

Everything is laid out for you, so you don’t have to do any of the planning or thinking – just follow along and get all the nutrients you need.

The program is set up to flow through week to week, but it’s all there for you to work through on your own pace if you want to go faster or slower.

That said, if you don’t like following plans exactly, you are totally allowed to improvise off the plan.

You can swap recipes around, or make one a few times if you prefer it to another. If you follow the outline, and get the variety of healthy whole plant foods in the recipes, you’ll still find the results you want.

While eating cookies.

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