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How to become confident in your kitchen skills.

Do you ever look at the food in your fridge, knowing that you meant to make all kinds of amazing meals with it, but not want to start the long process of trying to find a recipe that meets your criteria for healthy, tasty, and vegan?

Or do you ever wish that you could walk into the grocery store, without a list, see what’s on special in the produce section, and know what else to pick up to create a delicious meal with it as you wander through the rest of the store?​​

Learning to make quick, healthy meals that taste good and satisfy everyone at the table is tough.

It took me years to figure out first how to make healthy meals, and then to make them taste good, and even longer to figure out how to do that easily on a daily basis without spending all of my precious free time in the kitchen.

If you’ve been watching my recipes and tips on my site and YouTube channel over the past nearly 7 years, you’ve gotten a good idea of how that happens in my kitchen.

But what you don’t get in those videos is the behind the scenes of my mind, and how I come up with those recipes. If you want to get a closer look, a better understanding of how to cook and a deeper education of what makes a healthy vegan meal – and how to make it fun and tasty – you can.

I’ve been working to update the course materials, and edit the long videos down to just the recipe portion for those days when you only have time for a quick video. I’m not quite done that yet, but if you want to be the first to know when they’re up and running again, send me your email address and I’ll let you know.

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Cooking Tutorial Videos

To get instant access to cooking tutorial videos that will help you learn how to cook, along with a full database of my healthy vegan recipes that you can drag n drop into a meal planner, my meals+ club is ready for ya.

Everything you need to hit the ground running:

  • 100’s of holistic-nutritionist-created recipes to explore;
  • DIY drag n drop meal planner;
  • grocery list generator;
  • adjustable portions;
  • video cooking demos, to show you how to get started or maintain healthy habits.
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  • Catherine
    I have been a vegetarian for two years but still learned new things and techniques last night so thank you! I had prepped some of the food so I finished last night after the class up to the point of baking and we will have them tonight for dinner! My husband and I tried them and they are delicious!!! The best veggie burger I have had and especially the best I have made!! It is not dry!!!! I can’t wait for tonight’s dinner nor till Thursday’s and all of our upcoming classes. And I must say the ice cream was soooo delicious!!!!! Even better than the chemical-laden store bought stuff. Even my husband liked it and he is an ice cream fanatic! Thank you so much!
  • DanTexas
    Thank you so much for offering the classes! I was sad to see them end because I've enjoyed them so much! It was a real treat to be taught a "mindset". I wanted to share a success story with you- One day, I decided to make the black bean burgers we made in class, but when I went to my grocery store, I discovered that they didn't sell any canned beans without salt (and I couldn't find some other stuff I needed), and I didn't have enough time left in the day to make my own from dried beans...I almost despaired, but then remembered the pizza night we'd had the previous week, and after quickly thinking through what I had in my pantry at home, I decided, on the spot, to instead make a mexican-style pizza that would be based on ingredients I already had on hand...I felt like an artist picking his paints as I looked at the various vegetables in the store that could top my pizza creation 🙂 it not only ended up being absolutely delicious, but was satisfying on a whole new level because I was eating something that I created using your methods, as opposed to being enslaved to a recipe. It was empowering and I don't view cooking the same way any more. Creating in the kitchen makes me happier than following recipes 🙂
  • Ayn
    I thought you had organized the presentation well because you made it all work in the allotted time, and that is not so easy to do. I appreciate your attention to details and especially to your instincts for being able to anticipate questions people might have before they have them! Thanks for doing the section on sprouting last night. It was nice to see a sprouting container that works so well, so I will order one when I can get the seeds. Thanks so much for all your hard work putting together the videos, recipes, and classes. I am getting so many good ideas from you. Thanks much
  • LindaCarson City NV
    What I like & noticed at first glance was the clarity and ease of use. The site is clean without a lot of decorative background. This makes it very easy to quickly find what I'm looking for. It is great to actually see the things you are writing about, rather than just a printed list of items. Last, but not least, the actual video classes themselves. FUN! I feel like I'm in a friend's kitchen while she cooks & chats about a bunch of stuff she's learned. I can almost see myself sitting at the counter with a glass of iced tea...or maybe some wine
  • Samantha
    I am really enjoying the classes. I've navigated all around and you have everything so nicely organized. I like how informed you are and how you share that information with us. It's not just "you should eat this because it's good for you and what they do to animals is bad." That's all true but I like how you gear your site towards complete health and you know a lot about what different types of foods can do for you. It definitely helps when talking to family and close friends who are skeptical about a vegan diet. You do so much for free too which is so kind of you...your site is sweet and honest. Thanks Heather!
  • KatherineColorado
    I really did learn a lot from you, and I liked that you weren't "all chefy" and didn't intimidate us. I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing your humor come out, and your playful side. The fact that I have a culinary school trained husband had no impact on your class, meaning I had no thoughts what so ever that you were inferior. Your site has become my go-to site when I'm looking for ideas, so I'll be around! Thanks again, Heather!