Step 1: Declutter Checklist

Step 1: Declutter Checklist
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Even if you’re ready to jump headfirst off the 25m platform into the deep end of the New Year…

Let’s start by taking a small step back, and create some space for those new habits, by decluttering from the old stuff.

You can declutter your kitchen, from the foods that aren’t serving you. You can also declutter your mindset, from the patterns that aren’t serving you. Do one, or the other, or both! Whatever suits you.

Declutter your kitchen.

Clear out some space in your kitchen, so that you have room for all the wonderful foods you want to bring in to your house and your life. Get rid of the temptation of those things that you know you don’t want to be eating. And, you don’t have to throw them in the trash if they’re still useful. They could go in a less accessible storage space, or get taken to a shelter.

Kitchen Declutter Checklist

Declutter your mindset.

Take some time to think about what you can do to declutter your habits and your mindset. What in your life doesn’t serve you?

Mindset Declutter Checklist

Then leave a comment below to let me know what’s on your declutter checklist(s). You can also check in with our private Facebook group to share and ask questions.

Make some granola bars.

Wondering what you’re going to eat now that your kitchen is so darn healthy? Make some easy, no-bake, 5-ingredient granola bars! Add in whatever extras you feel like, once you have the base together. You could have them for breakfast, snacks, or dessert.

If you make some, share a pic on instagram and tag me @heathernicholds before it disappears!

Get the Recipe

Step 2 is coming up next, and is about focusing on the abundance of nourishing foods that serve your body best. You might find your mind blown by some of the healing and preventive properties of some fairly ordinary foods. (Many of them may be in your kitchen already…)

Let this be easy and fun for you! Because if there’s not at least some aspect that’s fun, it’s so hard to stick with it in the long term.

Here’s what’s in store for the coming week:

  • Step 2: Focus on Nutrient Density: Top 10 list of foods that nourish your body in many wild and wonderful ways
  • Step 3: Craving Pattern Interrupt: Understand WHY the foods you know you shouldn’t eat are setting you up into a negative cycle – so that you can CHOOSE to break out of it
  • Step 4: Food/Mood Journal: Build connections between what you eat and how you feel, so that the healthy choices get easier, and the cravings have less power
  • Step 5: Get your morning off to an energized start with a bit of activity, meditation, or healthful routine
  • Step 6: Flavor secrets of how to make something supremely delicious! (Lasagna OR White Bean Kale Soup – your vote!)
  • Step 7: Find your BIG WHY – your big picture motivation for what you want out of a higher level of health and vitality (I’ll tell you mine)

If you want to invite someone to join us, you can send them this link: January Declutter


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