Eco, Vegan & Healthy Gift Ideas

Eco, Vegan & Healthy Gift Ideas
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.
Eco-Vegan-Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy gift ideas might sound too wholesome, but the fun of gift-giving (and receiving) is to choose things that someone wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.

If that certain someone is interested in health, veganism, environmental sustainability and/or not having too many ‘things’, these ideas might help.


Certain superfoods are a bit pricey to include in a regular grocery trip, so they make fun gifts. And what better way to tell someone you care than by giving them something super healthy?

  • Dried Mulberries: They’re really high in vitamins and antioxidants, and I personally find them tastier than goji berries when you’re just eating a handful
  • Dark Chocolate: There are some brands pairing high-quality dark chocolate with superfoods like ginger and goji berries for a delicious and healthy treat
  • Smoothie/Greens Powders: Perfect for someone travelling by plane so that they can make a smoothie after going through security

Homemade Treats

I love handmade gifts – they’re so special. For the ladies in my life, I often make earrings or sew a purse out of old clothes. Men are a bit trickier, but they always appreciate a little homemade treat…

  • Homemade Chocolate Bars: For the men in my life, I like to figure out their favorite chocolate bar and make a homemade version – you can’t go wrong with chocolate!.
  • Truffles: It’s surprisingly easy to make those rich little balls of chocolate. Coconut or almond milk work just fine, and there are lots of recipes out there – like my raspberry maca triple chocolate truffles. They look (and taste) especially lovely covered in coconut, ground almonds or cocoa powder.
  • Nut Mix: For those with a salt-tooth, you can roast and flavor your own nut mix. Much healthier than the ones you buy, and you can customize them. Dry roast them in a skillet or oven, and then season them with tamari (soy sauce), your favorite BBQ seasoning, or just some sea salt.


Cookbooks are great for ideas and inspiration – and often gorgeous photos! The cookbook section in bookstores is steadily growing, and it’s nice to see a lot more healthy and vegan/vegetarian books coming out. Check out my list of faves: Favorite Vegan Cookbooks

Kitchen Tools

For people who like to cook, or just like to make good healthy food, sometimes a simple tool can make all the difference. There are so many to choose from, but the best choices are the ones that will get used a lot.

  • Ginger grater: A ginger grater isn’t a staple in most kitchens, but it makes ginger so easy to add to any sauce or salad dressing. It rips up the ginger to a pulp that you can squeeze for juice. I love my ginger grater.
  • Zester/Microplane: Citrus zest is so tasty, and has lots of nutrients. Adding zest to your cooking will transform your life – so why not share that with someone who shares a love of good food?
  • Sprouting container and seeds: Growing your own sprouts is so easy, and gives you a perfect source of fresh nutrient-dense greens all through the year.


For anyone who doesn’t need or want any more “things” you might want to consider giving a donation in their name. Here are some non-profits doing great work.

  • charity:water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world, improving health, education, and opportunity – especially for women and children.
  • 4Ocean is a great one because you get a pretty bracelet made of salvaged materials to give, plus for each one they will take 1 pound of plastic out of the ocean.
  • Pacific Whale Foundation allows you to “adopt” a dolphin, whale, or false killer whale. They have stories to go with, and you can choose which one you “adopt” – I like matching the animal’s story to the person I’m making the donation for. You can also get bonus stuff sent to your giftee, like a sticker to put on their laptop.

Other Eco Gift Ideas

If you let your imagination wander, you can come up with all kinds of different ideas…

  • Organic Wine: Made with organic grapes, and without sulfites, it’s a great option for a healthy and environmentally-sustainable gift, or to share over a special meal.
  • Tea Pot With Tea and Infuser: Herbal tea is tasty, and lots of them have great health benefits. Green, honeybush and rooibos are all full of antioxidants and other special things. I like the ones that are mixed with dried fruits and flowers.
  • Glass Straws: I never thought I needed a straw until I started using a glass one. If you have someone who likes smoothies in your life, these are a great option to make their sipping fun and avoid plastic straw waste.
  • Travel Cutlery: Light My Fire makes a pretty fantastic spork, with a carrying case included. It was probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten, I carry it in my bag all the time so that I have it ready if I’m out at work or travelling, to eat on the go.
  • Travel Chopsticks: I got my sister-in-law and I both a pair of these titanium chopsticks, with a travel case, this year!
  • Re-Useable K-Cup: Keurig seems to be everywhere! Reduce the plastic with a re-useable filter cup, and save money by filling it yourself.
  • Re-Useable Chemex Filter: Chemex also seems to be everywhere for coffee lovers – try this alternative to the paper filters from Glowcoast!

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  1. Michelle 2 years ago

    I love these ideas! We also have stainless steel straws for smoothies, and stainless steel water bottles (great for kids because they get bumped around a lot). I looked at the spork and decided to get a titanium one.
    Thanks again for all the ideas!

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