Fall Fitness Motivation + Neck/Shoulder Exercise

Fall Fitness Motivation + Neck/Shoulder Exercise
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Beyond the physical benefits of exercise, I find that it really helps my mood and energy levels. But heading into shorter days, with darker mornings, it gets harder to find motivation to get out of comfy cozy bed… here are 3 things that help me get going – and I want to hear yours, in the comments below!

I also showed you the exercises that a chiropractor gave me to (hopefully!) help prevent the occasional neck pain I get from sleeping on one side.

My Shoulder/Neck Stretches & Exercises:

– look over one shoulder, 30 seconds
– other side, 30 seconds
– tilt head to one shoulder, 30 seconds
– other side, 30 seconds
– look down to one armpit, 30 seconds
– other side, 30 seconds

3 rounds:
– 10 reps slow shoulder press ups, 3 seconds down 3 seconds up
– 10 reps superman flying, thumbs pointing to the sky, reset shoulders at the bottom by turning palms up
– 10 reps Y-T-W
– 10 reps Rows, with band or weights
– 10 reps Flys, with band or weights

I used a band for the rows and flys, though I would normally use weights, because I was focused on the form in my back/shoulder muscles while doing the full movement.

After breaking my wrist, I kept up running (somewhat) but yoga has been tricky and strength training feel right off. I’m trying to get myself back in the habit, and I want your help!

I’m going to post daily to my instagram stories, with what activity I’m doing. Whether running, doing this posture-strengthening ‘workout’, HIIT, roller skating, hula hooping, or whatever – you guys will be my exercise buddies 🙂

Instagram: @heathernicholds


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